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“Unsung Heroes of Wilkes County, Georgia”

by Edward M. Anderson, Sr.

Unsung Heroes of Wilkes County, Georgia by Edward M. Anderson, Sr

This book is about ordinary people who
rose above their challenging circumstances,
through faith in God, patience, perseverance,
determination, sacrifice and plain old hard work,
to achieve much for themselves, their families,
their generation and for their posterity.

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Rev. Edward Anderson exhibited his innate ability with persistence to write a chronicle of many who have quietly demonstrated their courage, knowledge, power, or benevolence in all walks of life in Wilkes County, Georgia.   Rev. Anderson’s power of authorship makes new things familiar, and familiar things new.  I highly endorse this book.

Kay Finnell, Author
The African American Experience: Education in Wilkes County, Georgia from 1922 to 1970
African-American Firsts in Wilkes County, Georgia

Ed Anderson’s study of leadership in local black culture is long overdue.  It is the kind of work widely needed for promotion of recognition and support of individuals of integrity, strength and wisdom.  Such individuals stand as guideposts for both their peers and for generations to come.  Anderson’s work is a model for greatly-needed cultural history.

Joseph B. Harris, Ph.D.

His love of history and genealogy in particular, is evident as the author lifts up the lives and contributions of ordinary people who have managed to do extraordinary things because of their God-given gifts and faith.

Rev. James White, Jr.
Pastor, New Ford Baptist Church

It is evident that the author has done his research as he brings us from the early stages of our struggles with disenfranchisement up to this point in time.  Despite the hardships, the subjects in this book have overcome with dignity.  Truly, they are an inspiration to us all.

Kizzie Hulin Stokes
Tignall, Georgia

“Rev. Ed Anderson does an excellent job of preserving the history of many of our fellow citizens of Wilkes County for future generations.”

Glenn Rhodes
Tignall, Georgia

“Unsung Heroes of Wilkes County, Georgia”

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. ReplyVictor Jones Russell

    So very proud of you Edward. May God continue yo bless guide and keep you.

  2. ReplyEd

    Thanks Vic. I just discovered your message. Prayerfully, you and your family are well. Kathryn and I are fine. Take care and God bless. Ed

  3. ReplyDoris

    Edward very proud of you for preserving our history for generations to come. Someone has to tell the story. God bless you for current and future endeavors. Love you Doris Parker Williams

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